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  • Do it yourself Help -

  • We can do full service landscaping design of all kinds or offer do it yourself help.
    Many people choose to do the work themselves but lack the
    professional experience to head in the right direction.
    Contact us for more information.

    Services Services
    Large Caster Bean withBlakie Morning Glory twining
    through it. Don't be afraid to combine plants for awesome
    Any of the Asclepias are Monarch magnets and are great
    for wet areas.

  • Window Boxes & Containers -

  • Planted to order with plants that will perform in any conditions you may have.
    Containers can be designed and planted to order. No container is too large
    or too small..

    Services Services
    This window box was in full sun with a great mix of annuals. Window boxes can be simple. Mintvine, Burgandy Trailer
    Colous, and Golden Sweet Potatoe vine.
    Services Services
    Cuphea - Fire Cracker makes a great container plant and
    is a Hummingbird magnet.
    Containers can be of any size. This boat I've used to grow
    annuals for many years.
    Services Services

  • Custom Growing -

  • We can custom grow plants to order, either wholesale or retail.

    Services Services
    Begonia Pin up Rose. Flowers up to 4 inches. Impatiens - Jungle Gold - Great to brighten up a shady area.

  • Renovations -

  • We can renovate old and neglected gardens to make them come alive with color and interest again.

    Services Services
    Full sun flower garden with mostly annuals for a great show
    of sunset color.
    This Colous 'Saturn' adds a great splash of color to a shady area.

    Services Services
    An antique bathtub can make a unique water feature. Vegatative Colous are great landscape plants and can add
    so much color just about anywhere. This one is "Solar Sunrise'.
    Planted in full sun.

  • Stone Work and Walkways -

  • We do stone work and walkways of all kinds.

    Natural Steps
    From natural stone steps to what ever you want.

  • Arbor Care -

  • We can maintain your trees and shrubs to keep them healthy and looking good using only organic methods.

    Services Services
    This apple orchard had been neglected for 20 plus years.
    It was in need of pruning to bring these tree back into

    After two days of heavy pruning and thinning. With regular
    maintenance the trees will produce quality apples for many
    years to come.

    Bloomed Apple Tree Bloomed apple tree
    Apple trees now blooming. Very healthy after the proper care.

  • Pest Management & Organic Fertilizing-

  • We use only organic methods to keep your plants, pets, and
    yourself safe from harmful chemicals.

    Bumble Bee working a Cuphea Blossom. A SwallowTail working some Lantana. Annuals are great
    butterfly magnets and add so much color to summer gardens.
    Pest management is done in a way not to harm beneficial
    insects and butterflys.

    Humming Birds
    Another awesome reason to be organic!
    This nest was found at the nursery and we got to watch the
    eggs hatch till they left the nest.

  • Difficult Areas -

  • We love a challenge if you have and area that is a
    difficult area, give us a call, we have all kinds of ideas.

    Services Services
    A great mix of annuals and perennials growing in gravel. Small pond built in a gravel bank to give some aquatic interest in full sun.

  • Consultations -

  • We have 30 plus years of experience in the plant business and can give you the best
    ideas around. Many people get stuck and don't know where to turn on their gardening
    projects and need expert and experienced advice. We can help you succeed in all your
    gardening and landscaping projects. Gardening should be something enjoyabl, doing it right
    from the beginning will make it that way.

    Services Services
    Annuals with height add so much color to
    a small area.

  • Landscape Contracting -

  • No job is too large or too small.
    Custom Water Features
    Koi Ponds
    Tree moving.

    Tree moving Tree Move Tree Move
    Large Norway Spruce to be moved
    from nursery at Hillbilly Acres to
    customers home.
    Large tree spade from Village Green was hired
    to do the move.
    Here it is backing up to the tree.
    The tree was dug out in less than two minutes.
    Tree Move Tree Move Tree Move
    Spade has been burlaped and is being
    lowered onto truck for its journey to
    its new home.
    Arriving at its new location. The tree being placed in a predug hole.
    Tree move
    Before the new tree was installed.
    Tree Move
    The tree at its new home.

  • Flash Gardening -

  • No job is too large or too small.
    Need a garden for a function installed quickly?
    Call us - we can do it!

    Flashgarden1 Flashgarden2
    Shade garden before wedding ceremony. And Flash - Two hours later!

    Flashgarden3 Flash Garden4
    Sun garden before wedding ceremony. And Flash - Two hours later!

    Flash Garden 5 Flash Garden 6
    Before Flash Garden at rear of Roman Table. Area prepped and cleaned.

    Flash Garden 7

    And Flash - Two hours later!

    For more available services go to Services at Peace of Paradise.

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