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The picture below was taken at 1000 feet in July showing Hillbilly Acres. aerial shot
From the air you can see that the operation is large and you will find anything you need for your garden.
Come on in and visit this piece of paradise in Scituate.

The pictures below show the green houses in mid to late May.
At this time the flowers are ready to make your yard the most colorful on the street!
Driveway House Driveway House
The 'Driveway House' is the first green house. In this house the perennials and annuals are grown.

The next is house 1 which is for shade loving annuals.

House 2 House 2
In house 2 you will find a mix of sun
loving annuals and perenials.
Looking from the other end..

House 2
You should find something you like in this well stocked greenhouse.
Including organically grown herbs and vegitable plants. People have told me that they have had the best luck with my vegitable plants.

House 3 House 3
House 3 has an excellent mix of hangers
and sun loving and shade loving plants.
Another view of the selections.

House 3 House 3
More choices. And even more!

House 3
Very hardy plants that will satisfy your floral tooth.

House 4 House 4
House 4, at the bottom of the hill is not to be missed. It has an excellent mix of seed grown plants not found at regular nurseries.

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