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Rare Garden Plants

Making your garden different and unique is the fun and challenge every year. That's why we seek out uncommon plants to grow, it's our specialty. From hanging plants and annuals in the Spring, to perennials through the seasons, tropicals, shrubs or trees, we offer new choices beyond the usual nursery stock. Be an adventurous gardener! make your rock, perennial, herb gardens, and containers truly stand out.

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Select Heirloom annuals not available at other nurseries. Seed and cuttings from sources all over the world.


Hardy and tender perennials done from cuttings at the nursery most of which are not available elsewhere. (See our guarantee page.)

Herbs and Heirloom Tomatoes

These and other vegetables grown at the nursery using 100% organic methods for healthier plants. If you start with healthier plants your success will be much greater.

Trees and Shrubs - sold with a three year guarantee

Many of our trees and shrubs can not be found at other nurseries. (See our guarantee page.)

Custom Orders

We will custom grow or obtain from other quality growers the plants you need for any job no matter how big or small.

Aquatic Plants

See my web site at Peace of Paradise.

These pictures below are a sample of what we grow at the nursery.
Rare Plants Rare plants
Heirloom Tomato - Garden Peach
can't be beat for flavor and is very early.
Bumble bee working an African Orchard impatiens _ Bumble bees
are a very important pollinating insect and should be attracted to the garden.
Rare Plants
Berlandiera lyrate - Chocolate flower. These flowers have a unique
coco scent and the plant is very drought tolerant.
Cuphea ilavea - Awesome garden plant for attracting Hummingbirds.
Rare Plants Rare Plants
Tweedia caerulea - Blue Milkweed - A very pretty plant worth
bringing in to winter over.
Passiflora incarnate - "Maypop" - A very hardy perennial vine with
loads of georgipus blooms throughout the season.
Rae Plants Rare Plants
Clerodendron ugandensis - unusual, two tone, 'Butterfly like'
flower of violet blue and pale blue all season on a erect tropical
shrub. Well worth wintering over in the house.
Brugmansia - Awesome plants with extremely fragrant blooms in
the evening. Well worth the extra effort to winter over. Can be easily
cut back to keep from getting too large.
Rare Plants Rare Plants Rare Plants
Solanum pyracanthum - Brownish leaves have
prominent bright orange spines on their mid ribs.
The stems are covered with orange fuzz and
violet flowers. This is an awesome garden or
container plant.
Caterpiller of the Monarch butterfly.
Big reason not to use insecticides.
Tibuchina - Huge purple blue flowers with dark
green velvety leaves. Well worth bringing in for
the winter.
Rare Plants Rare Plants Rare Plants
Abelmoschus - A 4 to 6 foot tall annual with
pale yellow bloom that havee a burgundy eye.
Flowers only last a day and are 6 inches across.
It loads with blooms in the peak of the summer
and makes a real statement! Will self sow or
you can save the seed.
Japonica Striped Maize - An extremely beautifully
ornimented corn from Japan. Worth growing in
the veggie garden for its looks or in the back of
the perennial border for summer color.
Cuphea cyanea
An excellant annual for attracting hummingbirds.
Fox Glove Delusional Chinese Nile Lilly
Tender perennials such as this Rehmannia elata, Chinese Foxglove,
are worth the extra effort to winter over
for unique summer color.
We can supply custom made wall slates and garden stones.
For more info please see our products page.
Agapanthus - Lilly of the Nile - Awesome plant worth wintering over indoors. Gets more spectacular every year.
Rare Plants Rare Plants Praying Mantis
Solanums are one of the thorniest
plants I've ever grown!
As you can see from the two pictures above, the leaves are dark green with burgundy veins and thorns on each side.
We have nick named it 'Fuggly".
It's one of my fravorite plants.
Praying Mantis sitting on a Solanum leaf
looking for its next meal.
A very beneficial insect.

Roses 1
Roses 2
Noreast Min: Roses available at the nursery are very winter hardy in our area and make excellant landscape plants that average 2 feet and are free flowering if kept deadheaded.


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